Does my Veranda need a foundation?

All verandas need a foundation to anchor to the ground. This is to prevent any movement during strong winds, or downward pressure from snow loading.

There are a few options to consider for your foundations for your veranda.

The veranda can be anchored to concrete pads, which typically measure 450mm by 450mm but obviously dependent on ground conditions.

Veranda Ireland can also offer a prefabricated concrete foundation, which can have a drainage pipe, built in, allowing rainwater from the veranda gutter to drain concealed inside the upright post and exit through the foundation into a pipe to connect to your existing surface water system.

Please remember, if excavating for foundations for your veranda, avoid placing concrete pads on top of existing drains or sewer systems, as this may cause the existing pipes to fracture.

It is important to note that the veranda should not be fixed directly to either decking or to existing paving as there may not be adequate anchoring available to keep your veranda structure secure and free from any movement in the future.

For further advice on anchoring your veranda, please contact any of the technical team at Veranda Ireland’s office.

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