Which comes first – the patio or the veranda?

A common question particularly among new homeowners is whether to install the veranda or the patio or deck first.

The answer to this is the veranda must always be installed first, as it will require concrete pads to fix down the veranda, or you can use the precast concrete foundation system which Veranda Ireland also offers. These must be installed before you build your new patio or install your decking, otherwise they will have to be removed to allow future installation of the veranda foundations. Typically the Verandas will require a pad 450mm by 450mm.

If you’re moving into a new property and may not have the budget required for a new veranda then it would be advisable to put into concrete pads, mark the area and then install your patio or deck so they can be easily accessed at a later stage when fitting your veranda. For further information and advice from our technical team, please feel free to contact any of the technical team at Veranda Ireland by email address info@verandaireland.ie

Colour options for your veranda

At Veranda Ireland, we have an extensive range of veranda products offered in a huge range of colours depending on the model and type of veranda chosen.

The Vesta range is available in: RAL 9016 white, RAL 9001 cream white, RAL 7016 anthracite structured, RAL 9007 grey structured. There is no difference in cost between any of these colours.

The Traditional range is available in any colour in the RAL color range.

So what is the best colour for your new veranda? We recommend the clients consider a few options;

Firstly, consider the colour of the windows and doors in your house and if you are planning on changing the windows and doors, what the future colour of them will be. Often it is good idea to match the veranda to suit the existing glazing on the house.

Secondly, maintenance-wise the cream and white verandas will be a little bit more difficult to keep as clean than the grey for example, where the dirt and grime may not be as obvious. If you have the time to maintain your veranda these bright colours may be just what you need.

If however you would like to limit the amount of cleaning and maintenance, it would be advisable to choose a darker colour for your veranda.

For further advice on the colour ranges, please feel free to contact any of the technical or customer care team at Veranda Ireland’s office.

Roof glazing options for your veranda

If you are considering installing a new veranda over your existing decking patio or garden area, then you should consider what type of glazing is the most suitable.

Veranda Ireland offer two broad categories of roof glazing: A polycarbonate roof, which can be available in clear or opal, or our laminated safety glass roof.

There is a difference in price between the two options.

The polycarbonate material is a cheaper material to produce and it is lighter so it does not require as substantial a structure to carry the weight of the polycarbonate sheeting compared with glass. Polycarbonate is also used extensively in built up areas where privacy is important to avoid being overlooked from a neighbouring upstairs windows.

Veranda Ireland’s glass roof options always use laminated glass. This is two panes of glass and sealed together with a film between them. This means in the event that the glass is broken by an object being thrown at it, or by your roof tile slipping from the house roof, the glass will break, but will not fall on anybody underneath it. Veranda Ireland’s glass roof is very popular with clients who wish to be able to stargaze and view the sky unobstructed. It also does not impede any light into the inner rooms in the house. If you’re putting the veranda over a house window.

The farther into the garden that the veranda extends then  the heavier the weight, and the longer the sheet of glass. Therefore, the rafters must be continually reinforced as the depth of the veranda increases. This will be evident in the pricing, where at certain depths the price may increase more than anticipated due to a heavier rafter being used in your veranda.

For further advice on what type of glazing to use and the costs of them, please feel free to contact any of our customer care team at Veranda Ireland.

Does my Veranda need a foundation?

All verandas need a foundation to anchor to the ground. This is to prevent any movement during strong winds, or downward pressure from snow loading.

There are a few options to consider for your foundations for your veranda.

The veranda can be anchored to concrete pads, which typically measure 450mm by 450mm but obviously dependent on ground conditions.

Veranda Ireland can also offer a prefabricated concrete foundation, which can have a drainage pipe, built in, allowing rainwater from the veranda gutter to drain concealed inside the upright post and exit through the foundation into a pipe to connect to your existing surface water system.

Please remember, if excavating for foundations for your veranda, avoid placing concrete pads on top of existing drains or sewer systems, as this may cause the existing pipes to fracture.

It is important to note that the veranda should not be fixed directly to either decking or to existing paving as there may not be adequate anchoring available to keep your veranda structure secure and free from any movement in the future.

For further advice on anchoring your veranda, please contact any of the technical team at Veranda Ireland’s office.

5 reasons why you should invest in a veranda

A veranda will add a touch of elegance and cover to any type of property, whether for commercial premises or a residential home.
Here are the main reasons why you should invest in one:

1. Protection and cover from the weather – Ireland’s frequent wind and rain can sometimes cause damage to a home or business premises. A veranda is a perfect solution to protect your outdoor items from unpredictable elements.

2. A great option for gardening enthusiasts – if you need to grow plants outside under shelter, a veranda is ideal for this use case.

3. Storage solutions – Whether its for garden furniture or golf clubs, a veranda can provide a long-term storage solution without being exposed to bad weather.

4. Increased living space – a veranda is the ideal solution for adding more living space to your home. It can be used as an outdoor living room, and is perfect for socialising outside with parties or barbecues.

5. Aesthetic appeal – a property’s visual appearance can be enhanced even more by having a veranda installed. A well-designed canopy or veranda will make full use of any area of limited space while adding value too.

You can find out more about verandas by visiting our FAQ page or by emailing us at info@verandaireland.ie.