Which comes first – the patio or the veranda?

A common question particularly among new homeowners is whether to install the veranda or the patio or deck first.

The answer to this is the veranda must always be installed first, as it will require concrete pads to fix down the veranda, or you can use the precast concrete foundation system which Veranda Ireland also offers. These must be installed before you build your new patio or install your decking, otherwise they will have to be removed to allow future installation of the veranda foundations. Typically the Verandas will require a pad 450mm by 450mm.

If you’re moving into a new property and may not have the budget required for a new veranda then it would be advisable to put into concrete pads, mark the area and then install your patio or deck so they can be easily accessed at a later stage when fitting your veranda. For further information and advice from our technical team, please feel free to contact any of the technical team at Veranda Ireland by email address info@verandaireland.ie

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